Claire's treasure

Today I repaired this book for Claire, it was her Mother's. I have it under pressure now, drying so I can't remember the date in the book.... 1920's sometime I think. Anyhow, it was falling to bits, pages dropping out, spine broken, covers falling off and Rusty had been giving it a good hard lick as well! Possibly because of the tasty bone glue.

It was another fiddly job but I can feel my confidence growing - I got on with it, thinking in advance but also as I worked. I think I followed most of the rules! It's now solid again and should last another XXX years. The paper inside is pretty soft and weak, that will fall apart before my mend does, I think. 

As I pressed the spine into place with a damp cloth I noticed it had turned the edge bright red, not the deep maroon of the original cover. On closer investigation it WAS the original colour! So I wiped the whole book clean, since it looked weird with one paler stripe. Claire has seen some photos and says she's delighted. Phew.

Then I stuck the three books that I didn't have time to finish off on the bookbinding course, and as far as I can tell there were no disasters. It's a bit of an anxious moment, the sticking. It's all or nothing as you stick the cover and the book block together and it calls for a steady hand, good "rack of the eye" and nerve. Apparently, I'm developing some.

The day was patchy weather-wise. I hung out washing to dry, cleared a load of debris from around the little yellow house (and dumped it in the secret place we use for these sorts of things), and started clearing the stone steps into the bottom garden. They get overrun with, you guessed it, moss - and they can be treacherous in wet weather. I got half way through that job when the heavens opened and large hail stone descended. Washing into the cellar to dry, gardening abandoned, and indoors for a coffee and some yoga!

Keith went to town to get the replacement battery for his E-bike. It's been a bit of a saga as the company we bought the bikes from was restructuring. Or were they going bust? Anyhow, it delayed things a fair bit but finally the new battery is here and Keith can cycle once more. It felt very nice to spend some time in my workroom. I note that I have been a lot less productive this year than last. Then I was doing something every single day for the whole year, and it pushed me along. Perhaps I need a rethink?

So, vegetable soup for tea, no husband in sight, but time to spend commenting and reading your blips - and doing mine.

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