Tropical garden

It started off all cold and grey but by late afternoon we had lovely warm sun again.  The palm tree in our garden against the blue sky made it look almost tropical! I have been watching Death in Paradise with lots of lovely Caribbean scenery and the palm reminded me of that.

I haven’t watched any of that series before which is great as it means I have a load to binge on.

I had so many meetings today that I didn’t feel that productive. It is always more satisfying to plough through work than talk about it.

Leo’s art homework today involved picking a country and filling the shape with pictures to represent it - so he decided on Germany and after printing and cutting out that outline, he filled it with pictures of beer and sausages!

I had to print the beer pictures for him as his school Google classroom blocked him for trying to look at inappropriate content! At least he will be able to explain that one away by showing his homework! 

I am not sure that he put much effort in though. Alongside his artwork he had to explain the rationale for choosing the country and pictures and he wrote that he chose those as he couldn’t think of anything else! I don’t think that is the insightful comment his teacher will be looking for!   Ah, well, at least it is only art and he’ll drop that as soon as he gets a chance to fix his options.  And at least he did it without moaning!

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