By TheOttawacker

One boy and his cat

The Sunday of the long weekend brought further sunshine and an opportunity for Ottawacker Jr. to accompany his mother on a bike ride. I was stationed in the kitchen, preparing the day’s vittles.

Laundry, cooking, cleaning, playing soccer in the garden, more cooking.
The readings from the Lord of the Rings have continued too – and Ottawacker Jr. is currently in a state of shock following Gandalf’s untimely demise at the hands, or rather tentacles, of the Balrog. We’ve moved the location of the storytelling, so no cushions to hide behind this time.

Dinner… and then a special treat for Mrs. Ottawacker and I. The arrival of the new season of Endeavour on DVD.

Today’s photo is of Tui being brushed. Brushing Tui is a full-contact sport and not for the faint-hearted. But Ottawacker Jr. seems to have convinced the cat that the brushing is fun and not something she has to endure. She sits there meekly while he administers the brushing, then stretches out to have some more done. I only do it when I have grown tired of having ten fingers.

Now either she is planning some savage take down of the boy, biding her time till his guard is down – like the tiger did to Roy Horn in the Siegfried & Roy show – or Ottawacker Jr. has managed to convince her she likes having her fur brushed. I might have to check he hasn’t smeared the inside of his pockets with duck liver pâté again.

No, I am not jealous.

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