Sieze the day

By Mario


I had my Surgery this morning and all went well. A little discomfort but manageable and to be expected. My Surgery was to repair an Umbilical Hernia, 4 internal permanent stitches and dissolving stitches on the out side. Here I am in my Full Regalia, my Gown did up more than Patch Adams gown  and covered my sit me down well. Mr Gray had to get the weed eater out to deforest my belly and the Nurse almost had to do some weed whacking on my chest to put the stickers on for my 12 lead ECG, reminds my of the Song Hair where he sings about being a Hairy Guy lol. With Level 2 Marie was allowed to be with me which was really good, Marie enjoyed my jelly that come with my lunch which was delicious, I ticked all the boxes. My wrist band was Red and not Clear which was to indicate I had a sensitivity to Codeine and can't eat fish. I had the Fancy Red socks on for walking to Theater. I really had a good look and was surprised at how many people were involved and all spread out uniformly ready to do their important roles. Off to sleep which all I remember was some relaxing medicine and slowly the Anesthetic went in and it was good night nurse, so good to feel safe and reassured all the way through. Marie shot me this morning.

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