Mist in the Valley

The mist was right across the valley this morning when I got up. I knew it would burn off before very long of course.

Marian went for a walk with a friend and I decided I would have a trip to the moor to see the bluebells. It was quite warm when I got in the van and I set the aircon pretty quickly. The traffic wasn't very heavy so I was soon up on the moor. While there's been little traffic the cattle that graze the moor seem to have decided that the roads are theirs and I had to stop a couple of times. The first time, the passenger in the car ahead of me got out and herded them off the road as they were showing no sign of moving on their own.

The  small car park at north Saddle Tor, where I would normally park, was full so I carried on a short while and found a place where I could pull off the road. It's easier to do that at the moment because the ground is so dry.

I was soon back on track and took the route into Emsworthy Mire and down to the Red Barn. As I got closer I could see that the bluebells were much more noticeable from the distance and the certainly have put on a great show this year. I suppose that maybe because of there not having been any footfall as the were coming into bloom. It may just be the conditions this year are more favourable.

I wandered around the are trying many different angles. Because of the strong sunshine the shaded areas are looking best. I like the shots from this side and the sheep added a little interest too.

Today is Wide Wednesday and I'm hosting it this week and looking forward to seeing your entries. The theme this week is 'My Backyard'. At the time we set these themes the lockdown in the UK was quite solid so I chose a theme that everyone should be able to do. I hoped that if folks could get out that their local area might be thought of as their 'backyard'. So it is open to interpretation. I'll be awarding hearts and honourable mentions on Thursday evening (UK time).

Being very conscious that I had strayed out of anything that could be described as 'backyard', so as I got closer to home I was pleased to see a different look to the estuary view. The early mist had soon burnt off but a breeze was blowing mist banks up the estuary from the sea. I pulled in to Wear Farm to take the image that I've used for today's blip. You can see the little tree at Red Rock in the middle of the picture. I've added one of the Red Barn bluebells as an extra.

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