Copenhagen and Me.

By RtCph

UPDATE: Clarity Required

9th June. That's when we will have enough results from all the tests (another 5 in the next week) to start making a plan. Until then we cannot know what type of cancer it is although it shows all the symptoms of lung cancer. So another test will be a bronchopsy and PET yet another (the one I missed out on). I'll have to have a Corona virus test too. I also have a heart consultation net week because of all the blood clots I have. The PET san will show where else the cancer has spread and where they will have to aim for. The brochopsy will tell them how hard. I will have a team of 6 specialists to make the plan and work with me. Until then I cannot possibly say how long this will take or what chances I have of a remission. 

Now I think I will take a day or two off. Rest tomorrow and tests on Friday. Thank you one and all - see you soon. 

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