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Sunset snap

This wasn't me, either behind the camera or at the controls.  I've flown this model of aircraft, but no one has bothered to sit alongside with a camera to record the event :-)

I received the photo from a visiting friend, an engineer who worked with General Dynamics, although not on the F16.  I scanned the photo today with some difficulty as it was larger than the scanner.  I had to use a stitching programme to put two separate scans together, but you can't see the join.

My friend added this to the story:

'The image was made by my acquaintance and fellow ISAP member (International Society for Aviation Photography) Judson Brohmer with some significant effort.  He shot it from the back seat of a USAF Test Pilot School F-15 after conceiving the shot and putting the mission together.  The F-15 was in poor shape and one engine was prone to blowing out the afterburner on quick acceleration - forcing repeated attempts to stay with the Viper. The shot was made on the last possible zoom before dark. He was employed by Lockheed Martin at the time so I was able to obtain a print to gift Chris when we visited the UK.   Judson died a little over year after making this image when flying safety/chase photo from the back seat of an F-16.  The chase pilot followed a malfunctioning test store into a hillside near China Lake in July, 2001.  Judson's widow, Alyssandra, produced and had published a gorgeous coffee table book of Judson's extraordinary output of stunning inflight photography.  This image is the cover photo.  It appears to be out of print; I recommend it if you can find a copy. "Breaking Free, The Aerial Photography of Judson P. Brohmer." '

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