By Artyfartyannie

Blue Tit with Caterpillars

and he is very suspicious of me while I wait with my camera. She lives in my neighbour's garden and she or other progeny come back every year into the nest that was put up for them. I know virtually nothing about birds and I don't think I have ever attempted to take a photo of such a fast moving and tiny little bird. So here is a first and probably the last photo of a bird unless I get a huge lens or take a huge interest in them. It was intriguing watching her feed the brood and then go off again for food taking only a few minutes to come back and circle me or keep away until she felt safe to come back into the nest to feed them.

I had great plans for today but because I started to clean a bathroom which was in a state I continued to do so and gardening was put off for yet another day but there is always tomorrow !!!! and I did do a little bit.

A blazing hot day and my face it a bit hot so going to cool down now. I bet you are all loving it in the UK but might I remind you to keep your distance.............I think that is the main thing to remember............

In extra Mr AF improving by the minute and did loads of jobs today.......Also the blue tit in flight.....best I could do......back with that in a mo

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