All Around My Life

By TMLHereAndThere

Back at the Rabbit Island pond

Now that we're at Level 2, chiropractors are allowed to work again, and Younger Daughter had a much-needed back adjustment session. We collected Naani on the way there, and after the appointment in Richmond was over, we continued out to Rabbit Island. It was a great deal quieter there compared with our previous visit three weeks ago. There were NO other cars when we got there, though a couple arrived just as we were leaving.

School restarted this week, and most people who (still) have jobs have now gone back to work, so the countryside has calmed down considerably. Our temporary, lockdown neighbours from Wiltshire in the AirBnB next door departed a couple of weeks ago, and ever since then there has been a lot of industrious hammering and sawing as a new en-suite bathroom is installed.

While we were throwing the stick into the pond for Naani, I had a phone call from the garage to tell me that the worrying noise that my car has been making for ages on start-up, when cold, is worth $1000 to fix (it's something to do with the oil pump - don't ask me to name the actual part, because I can't remember what he said...) What with that, the new battery and possibly two new tyres, it's not being a particularly cheap "Peace of Mind Service." 

The car will be eight years old in October, so I suppose I'll have to stop thinking of it as 'new'! I wanted it properly checked before the girls take it on a road trip to return Younger Daughter to Dunedin. Because I can't have it back until the end of tomorrow, the garage has insisted on lending me a car - which is a newer, much shinier version of my own. 

I was going to go and pick up a large piece of freight that Christina sent from Wellington last week, but when I got to where I thought the office was, I found it wasn't. The more I looked, the more it wasn't there (said Piglet) so I'll have to give them a ring in the morning and find where they've moved to. 

We'll also have to phone the number that Immy found in the PO Box, on a hand-written note advising us that they have something to deliver. As we've worked out, NZ Post is in a terrible mess; one courier company has fired a delivery driver for just dumping a load of parcels on a street in South Auckland, and another courier company is begging anyone with a car and a driving licence to sign up as a delivery driver with them to help them cope with its 5-day backlog. And all this despite the fact that apparently 29 countries have stopped sending post to NZ.

Also, in an unrelated matter, I discovered this evening that Noel Edmonds now lives in NZ and is starting a network of community radio stations! He's 72 and looks exactly the same as ever..... 

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