Crazy About Birds

By Kimb

The Herd

Our deer herd was up on the hill above our house late this afternoon. One mama in the front looks very pregnant. Her two daughters from last spring were there - although I'm sure they're both in this shot. And look at that buck in the back with brand new velvety antlers growing! They are looking at Bugsy who has just popped out the front door to see what I was pointing my camera at.

The orange flag/wire cage is - I believe - an oak tree that The Husband planted a couple of years ago after some guy gave him three or four tiny saplings. The cage is designed to keep 1. him from mowing it when he mows in the fall (using his tractor and bush hog) and 2. the deer from rubbing against them when they try to get the velvet off their antlers. Too bad it's right in the middle of the shot, but what can you do?

Speaking of deer - the extra is of the little flowers on what turns out to be a shrubby thing called deerberry that I took a picture of on our walk today - in hopes of identifying it (which I did!). I'd never noticed it before. Apparently it does produce a berry which is said to be bitter, but also said to make a good jam. I read that in my wildflowers of the Blue Ridge book. I wonder if I can plant some at my house!

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