tempus fugit

By ceridwen

Blooming spice

Out of curiosity I planted some turmeric corms in a plant pot a couple of years ago, the fresh turmeric  that looks a bit like root ginger. They produced  some foliage which was quite pleasing but died down in the winter. This spring there was no obvious regrowth so I tipped the pot out - but the corms still showed signs of life. I put them back and the leaves grew again, leafier. 
Recently I noticed small reddish buds prettily arranged on stalks and then I was surprised to find these beautiful flowers opening. 
I'm a little puzzled as they don't look exactly like the more fleshy turmeric flowers depicted online, which are said to be edible:
"used in traditional raw vegetable salads known as “ulam”. In an ulam salad, Turmeric flowers are sliced finely and paired with green beans, bean sprouts, onions, dried shrimp, red chiles, peanuts, and grated coconut. Turmeric flowers may also be cooked with rice to impart an aromatic fragrance."

More convincing was the discovery that turmeric blossom  has had a song dedicated to it in Hawaii: Pua 'Olena is a charming melody, which,   accompanied by graceful hula dancing, I found utterly captivating and just the thing for a soothing break from  reality. Do watch, you won't regret it.


`Olena blossom, blossom  sleeping 
In the forest, sleeping here
The misty summer rain
Awake and show now
Your beauty
`Olena blossom, `olena blossom

I backblipped a gull's beak which led to some interesting stuff.

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