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A quick look at our online calendars for early March shows both similarities and differences when compared to our current activities. 

My three times weekly YMCA Silver Sneakers classes are now an hour earlier (10 a.m.), four days a week, and on Zoom, rather than all of us meeting at the Y. I consult with my physical therapist every three weeks on Zoom. 

My Whatcom Chorale rehearsals are at the same time -- 7 p.m. on Tuesdays -- as before, but very different on Zoom, singing from our respective homes, and we're not working on repertoire for any upcoming concerts. On Sunday, I attend church via Zoom, but it's not at all like singing in the choir, being in our beautiful sanctuary, and chatting with people afterward.  

Phil does his weekly yoga class and several other meetings through Zoom, as well. We pick up ready-to-eat appealing meals from one or two local businesses each week, which make a welcome change from what I prepare.

I  applaud all the local businesses and nonprofit organizations that have managed to keep us connected in these strange times, mostly through Zoom! 

Phil and I, 79 and 73 respectively, are self-isolating at home. I order online from the Community Food Co-op and another store, and we do no-contact curbside pick-up of those groceries at the specified time. 

Other than picking up groceries, we haven't been out of our immediate neighborhood since mid-March. As the weather improves, I think we'll start to venture out into some of the local parks -- wearing masks and keeping at least six feet away from other folks.

I spotted the flowers in this blip on a walk around our neighborhood. The contrast in the extra happens in late afternoon in our home; I look forward to it whenever we have sunshine.

This has turned into a longer blip than I'd planned; I'll catch up with your journals over the next few days!

[COVID-19 statistics for Whatcom County on May 19:  361 confirmed cases and 32 deaths (no change since May 8).  All of the deaths were in the 60-99 yr old age groups]

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