Jambo journal

By IainC

Castle View

Maybe that was summer?
Nicest day of the year so far; T-shirt weather, a stroll in the sun, raised a sweat working at the allotment though just doing some fingerpick weeding, everything got a good watering, loads of folk lazing about in the park, stroll home, noticeably lots more traffic about.
Listened to someone moaning that she couldn’t go to the chiropodist. Later heard that Type 1-ers with Covid have a 3.5 times higher mortality rate than ‘average’. Think I’m still happy with the lockdown!
Still sticking with the Booster regime and today’s protein shake finally polished off the last of the rasps from the freezer. 2016 must have been a bumper crop! Have found that if I do my HIIT late at night I go out like a light when I hit the sack. Wonder why that is?

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