By WharfedaleBex

Twenty Years!

Today was my only chance for a good ride with the wind picking up over the next few days so, for once, Spanish was left behind, and I headed out of the door and into the Dales. My legs feel like they’ve been slowly getting their stamina back so today was another little push that bit further. It’s some time since I’ve been to Settle and Pen-y-Ghent by bike and its beautiful roads did not disappoint. I knew when I saw a little owl shortly after leaving Hetton that the day would be a good one. 

My stomach was a little disappointed as it prepared itself for a cheesy baked potato and coffee in Settle. I had warned it and actually discovered that I could have got a take out if Wednesday wasn’t mid-week closing day! I settled for a bottle of water, oatcakes, nakd bar and a nibble of cheese.

The temperature was starting to ramp up but I’d got the next hill up to Pen-y-Ghent pretty much in the bag. Time for a picnic just beyond on a lovely bit of limestone paving that I always admire and never quite manage to photograph.

I tried to enjoy every minute and did stop to try and wish a hard at work, Rich, Happy 20th Anniversary but I was out of coverage. It’s the thought that counts!

Arriving at Kilnsey, the plan was for an immediate right turn home. That was, however, until I saw the surface dressing machines and freshly laid chippings. It was a no-brainier really - another five miles to detour along the other side of the river made for a much more pleasant way home - and a smile.

Five miles from home, however, when I knew I should be home, was a bit of a psychological challenge but that wasn’t going to stop me being pretty chuffed with the whole day out.

We had a special dinner followed by a family walk at sunset up on Ilkley Moor. What a fine day!

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