By FotoAlex

Alley art

I had to go to a business today. That's a story.

I got a call this morning from a jeweler I visited in February. I picked an engagement ring because I intend to ask Jill to marry me. I had a whole plan. I'd make monthly payments on it through April (it's not that expensive, but it's easier on my credit card to space payments out), then on April 25, I'd propose at her favorite amusement park.

Obviously that all got put aside during this pandemic. The business was forced to temporarily close. The state is slowly reopening with measures in place to ensure safety. I think it's too early, as some states have shown us with spikes in COVID-19 cases after reopening.

But since I had to make a payment, I drove downtown. I called from my car to ask about safety measures. One of the owners told me to wear a mask. I put mine on, left my car and went to the building.

On the way, I saw lots of people not being distant and not wearing masks. I saw a group of elderly people sitting less than 6 feet apart and smoking with their masks down. They're vulnerable!

Inside the store, the husband and wife owners were not wearing masks, and a customer or friend of theirs was inside also not wearing a mask. Ugh. I am glad I made sure mine was snug. I made the payment and tried to duck out of there, but the husband stopped me because he wanted to talk about how he doesn't think the virus is dangerous.

I should have just left, but I talked a little. Long story short, he's dumb and thinks dumb things. His not wearing a mask made me really nervous. And the other guy being in there too. Come on.

I took this photo after leaving the business. At least I made a payment. Hopefully I live another month to make the final payment.

Now I'm so worried I'm going to start showing symptoms. I hope not. I washed my hands. My mask was snug. I took precautions. It's other people I worry about.

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