Black Cherry

By ABPhotos

Moody buttercup

.. and still alive apple blossom ... last one on the whole tree - trust me I've checked - and it was miraculously lit by the sunlight amongst hairy branches.
Please see Extra Photo for that.

Otherwise good, still enjoying helping gardening.
Gosh it was hot already at 8am when I started.
I mostly weeded the walled garden for quite a while and watered them all flowers in beds, glass house for tomatoes and some flowers and another glass house for only flowers for good hour or so.
Those flowers - apologies need to ask Ben the Gardener for the name and report back tomorrow if anyone interested - grows like weed in overheated glasshouse and inside feels like in one of the rainforest biomes in Eden Project so hot yet damp when watered.
I leave to decide whichever picture you like the most.

And oh anyone who grows vegges in their plant boxes, beds etc to protect them from snails/slugs just scatter some of the used ground coffee.
What a great and pesticide free idea for your carrots and beans for example. I'm buying that for sure, thanks again Ben.

A xo

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