The Wheel Of Mating Fortune

My blip today was going to be 'Smoke' Without Fire. The pollen released from the grass as Ollie dog trotted through it looked just like smoke. 

Then I was buzzed by a pair of azure damselflies flying in tandem in their heart-shaped mating wheel. They settled on an oak sapling by the lake. He had demonstrated his flying prowess and beautiful blue body to her and she had succumbed to his charms, allowing him to capture her by the back of the neck with special claspers on the tip of his abdomen. Receptive, she had curled her abdomen up towards him.

While I was composing my shot another male azure arrived and started aggressively and repeatedly dive-bombing the pair. Eventually he grabbed the female and pulled the mating pair apart. In the confusion I don't know whether it was him or the original male which completed the 'heart' again. I did not use the act as my main pic as unfortunately my focus was on the curl of the leaf not the insects. 

The propagating house blue tits are still busy. :) 

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