All part of the story

By Treshnish

Wave after wave

Last night's delight should really have been a warning I think.  

We collected courgette plants from Lip na Cloiche this morning.  The afternoon was fit for office work, with the wind getting up and the rain setting in.  More emails to answer from guests and deposits to return.  I have stopped doing bank transfers on the advice of our accountant who says it isn't safe for people to email their bank details these days.  So I write old fashioned cheques to enclose in a hand written card. and off they go by Royal Mail. 

I had to drop something off at Calgary late afternoon so I then walked on the beach.  Not on the sands because the waves were right up to the marram grass so I walked on that in the full brunt of the wind. Soaked from head to toe but it was worth it and certainly blew me out of some lockdown gloom.  

Hope you are all safe and well, and have as good a weekend as you can have in the circumstances. 

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