Blowing in the Wind

are my new Violas. Winds across Scotland with accompanying rain were heavy today. I shouldn't be surprised as we have had settled warm sunshine weather for a good long time. The tables have turned as they say.
The image could be improved but I haven't got that energy right now.

A good day I would say.........for us. I was confined to barracks as the weather was very windy and raining full pelt so no gardening work today unfortunately. Neither of us got out for a walk which is not good but tomorrow will be better I think.

I was so fed up inside that I baked a semblance of my mother's "Bannock".....a Scottish thing although I'm sure other nations do the same.
I have lost her recipe so I will only have to recall what she did. It does look very good but the trial is in the tasting !!! I will post a slice in extra when I cut it.............You will have to wait...............mouth watering !

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