By dogwithnobrain

And see the sun in wintertime.


There was definitely a change in the weather. 

It was quite pleasant when I woke up - result after the noise of the rain during the night.  I took my customary walk around the garden and examined all my growthin things.   

It's been weeks now since I planted so much - and I don't have any flowers yet.   Lots of leaves.  No flowers. 

The sky darkened and everything went very still and then the wind picked up like crazy.

Work kept me occupied  It was one of those days. Stupid people on the phone.  

"I want to speak to someone about the disk". 

"Which disc". 

"the disk for the system". 

"may I ask who you are?"


Which company do you work for ? 

"let me speak to the man"> 

"which man?"

"the man who does technical". 

"which company"> 

"your company"> 

"i'm taking calls for two companies here". 

"one of them then". 

There was no point in trying to reason with her.  I hit the technical number and pressed transfer. I have no idea where she went. 

And still the wind blows.

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