By astudyinscarlet

happy mother's day!

no, my mother doesn't follow my blips, but there are mothers who do!

i had no idea what to get my mother as a gift, so i thought that, since i'm off home for a few days, i'd make her something out of the recipe book she bought me a couple of weeks ago when we were ambling around lakeland. this is not only appropriate as it's the recipe that clinched the purchase, but also because a major ingredient is hazel nuts and my mother's name is hazel. thanks to sainsbury not having ground hazelnuts, i had to buy whole ones, then nip over to tk maxx and pick up a cheapo pestle and mortar to squish them in. such a hardship having to buy new kitchen kit for a new cake recipe...

btw, it tastes like reallyreallyREALLY fab chocolate brownies - or maybe like a lump of baked nutella... it's *yum* whichever way.

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