Forsythia In Autumn

A dull, dark sort of day. I spent most of it trying to make a movie of the bellbird footage I captured yesterday. iMovie no longer works on my machine. My son, who does tech support at his work, tried all sorts of strategies, including downloading the app again. I’ve made movies on it before, but now there’s a section of it missing. He transferred it to my iPad and, after a struggle, I made it though not as I wanted.

I have used Apple machines since the Apple e11, when the only way to communicate with it was to write a program. For years Apple was great, but now it just causes me frustration whenever I try to do anything a bit different. They seem to require us to continually buy a new version. I simply can’t understand why an app that used to work is now broken, even though I have not made any changes. End of rant.

Anyway here is the bellbird. Now I realise he was agitated, probably because we were in his territory. He’s hardly visible in the movie, but he’s briefly visible just after the zoom in.

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