... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

St. James's Park: Ross'sling!

Even cuter and curvier in large.
Starling feeding fledgling
Starling hand feeding: incoming & landing
Zombie starling: portrait & staring
Ross'sling: lowing, portrait, and staring

Mum and Im and I went to St. James's Park to see the Ross'sling! We went first thing, to minimise the risk of encountering any crowds, and the park was quite quiet (*phew*).
We saw starlings with fledglings, a balding zombie starling, a swan with cygnets, a coot with cootlings, all the usual suspects, AND the Ross'sling with its family. A father and son appeared with food, so I got to photograph them hand-feeding the parakeets and starlings (and will email them copies). Mum didn't bring oats, but offered the Ross'sling and kin grass which brought them over, and a parakeet bit her hand in return for no food...

Bumper set here (or right from Taking back the streets)

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