Meader; 1 frame at a time

By jasonmeader

Back To Earth

Since the weather outside was so beautiful, it felt only natural to take to the streets and partake in the absorption of some local wealth. Now contrary to popular belief, the wealth being mentioned is not of the monetary kind. The wealth that has inspired and fuels these words comes from a more rewarding source, that of history itself.

Thankfully, the county of which I reside in found it worthy to preserve some of the area's original schools, churches, houses, and similar structures in a collective and well kept attraction known as Heritage Village. Within this attraction, visitors can find structures of this county's founding citizens which date from the late 19th century to the early 20th century.

It is a common yet innocent fallacy to label these times as "simple" due to the fact that they didn't have the technology nor the capabilities we have at our disposal today. Rest assured, these times were anything but simple. Life was hard and often uncomfortable and yet, they prevailed nonetheless. Probably the most respectable and rewarding concept that younger generations can learn from their heritage is that even though the internet, cell phones, large screen televisions, air conditioning, etc. didn't exist, older generations found joy, happiness, and kept themselves busy with the simplest of things - something that just doesn't exist today. Ironically, given our current time when we've accomplished great feats in the name of technology, our youths still find it suitable and feasible to proclaim boredom at the drop of a hat or at the very instant electricity removes itself from the equation. If only they knew what life used to be like, yeah?

The vehicle depicted above not only reminds us to return to Earth from time to time in order to help put things back into perspective, it also shows that even the most durable and seemingly indestructible fabrications eventually succumb to nature's elements and the ripples of time as they furtively pass us by.

Don't let life pass you by too fast, take a moment's rest from time to time so that you too can come back to Earth...

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