Angry female on a mission (me)

Bending blip rules a tad, but this image was conceived, directed, edited, and posted by me – so you will forgive me won’t you. Mr B was the photographer.

Had a food delivery early morning so quite late by the time we got out. Not madly busy on the Overcliff, but still frustrating to have to constantly look around for overtaking bikes, scooters, joggers....most seemingly unaware of distancing rules.

And so the young things continue In a direct line, forcing the older and wiser onto the grass verges, or other side of the road.

I had already threatened to order a 6 foot stick, then fortunately we passed some bamboo spilling out over into the pavement. Couldn’t resist pinching the longest one.

Almost the right length, but with my arm outstretched it’s perfect. Mr B thoroughly embarrassed. Got a few smiles, quizzical looks from the youngsters who don’t get or respect social distancing, and perhaps one or two silly sneers. But you know what, I felt one hell of a lot safer holding out the bamboo. Who cares what people think

We must be one of the few civilised countries where hardly anybody wears a mask. Not down here anyway.

Well perhaps the last laugh will be on them and this thing will go away as quickly as it came. Let’s hope so.

Too windy again for a drink on the lawn. Tomorrow looks much more likely. Weather forecast wrong again has been beautifully sunny all day and no rain.

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