Silly Socks

I just haven't had any inspiration for photo taking today. Then I thought of admirer and the ever popular Silly Saturday.  In my youth, and not-so youth, I was renowned for my silly socks.  I had a whole collection which I would cheerfully show off at work.  As one gets older, one gets less silly, maybe, so I don't have so many pairs of silly socks ( I was the only person I knew who was pleased to get socks at Christmas!).  But I still have one or two pairs and I realised I was wearing a silly pair given me on my last birthday by a good friend of mine, known affectionately as Silly John by the children as they were growing up.

In other news: I've been messing about with Zoom for part of today, giving a training session and trying to install it on an aging laptop, both a little frustrating but both successful in the end.

We did have a nice zoom session with Jo and James earlier.  It will be nice the day we don't need to zoom and can actually meet people face to face.

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