By Artyfartyannie

A Tray Full

A Tray full of all the ridiculous stuff that I like.

I had a few cuttings and leaves from last year but it is now this tray is full of the stuff that needs to be possibly going outside in a bigger display. I dont know yet. Need to do a tiny bit of research.

Glad I had a photo for today as outside was not a happy place to go for most of the day. We decided to exercise with Jo Wicks................hope that spelling is correct as maybe someone will be telling me !!!!! I dont do mornings or spelling but thats too bad..........mostly for me !!!

Otherwise the garden has been blasted by the winds last night. The beautiful Poppy that I posted a few days ago is now no more and neither is his sister. The winds have been worse in the west of Scotland too. Thats Weather for you !!! Tomorrow is more hopeful because I didn't go out much today only to see the damage. Had to move stuff into the Greenhouse. I'm glad we still have a bit of May left or the summer will go far too fast !!!!

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