By USAHIhifriends

Tripod ?

Walked out of my garage this morning and saw - a dragonfly!   First time ever at my house (saw some at the Spalding House pool).  So I spent some considerable minutes trying to track it - and the best one I put in extra.    I have a newfound respect for the wonderful close-ups I see others post.   It was an amazing experience.

Last nite on the late news, there was a segment on a young monk seal, recently weaned from its mother (meaning the mother has taken off and it's left on its own) that was on the rocky beach on the Ka iwi shoreline.  The last two days driving by I had noticed signs up, but didn't stop.  Today I found it further down the beach and its official watchers were in the process of moving the barriers to accommodate its position.    It was close enough to the waters' edge to be woken up by the waves.    On my walk over to investigate, I passed by these fishing poles on the rocky outcroppings. 
Monday is Memorial Day in the USA, making this a long weekend.   Perfect weather!    But winds are suppose to drop tomorrow and turn southerly, becoming hotter and humid.  It seems everyone is out and about.   A problem with the masks everyone is suppose to be wearing is that I found many discarded and littering the landscape.  I also found a single packaged, pristine and labeled KN95 face mask.

Stay well, keep your sense of humour forefront, and take care, everyone.

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