Despicable Dom and his Rule Breaking

Perth High Street on a Saturday afternoon.  It’s always quite depressing going into town as a Saturday in the other life meant a busy street with folks going about their business, meeting friends. Heading for food, drinks or coffees. Now, it’s like a ghost town.

Today I am sickened by the actions of Cummings, the arrogance and blatant rule breaking of the person who actually set up the rules In The first place.  There have been beyond sad situations where family members couldn’t and didn’t travel to, or attend family funerals of loved ones because they were asked not to.  They stuck to the rules however painful that was.  A 13 year old boy was buried without members of his family there, heartbreaking.  Then we have this despicable piece of shit thinking that the rules don’t apply to him and drives 250 miles north to his family, not once but twice.  It makes a mockery of these poor people who obeyed government advice.

This government has lost any moral authority to instruct the rest of us on how to conduct ourselves during this pandemic. We have the worst death toll in Europe, Johnson is an absent PM only attending 4 briefings and has prioritised saving DC over saving lives. Then we have the trotting out of similar words from the upper cabinet sycophants jumping to DC’s defence.   It’s a total farce .

Why aren’t the BBC braying for the blood of Cummings the way they did with Catherine Calderwood when she visited her second home?  If this had happened yesterday to a Scottish Government official there would have been a shitstorm of headlines but because it’s the despicable Tory government all I’ve seen is excuses mainly from Chief Arse licker and big Boris fan, Laura Kussenberg.  Jackson Carcrash and Ruth ‘the mooth’ Davidson have been silent on this but if the boot was on the other foot.....

Thank god I had the family quiz night to cheer me up and bring some fun into the day.  

In 10 weeks of political low points this must surely rate as a minus zero.

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