By Bradders

Quite a busy and social weekend, good to be close to a normal life again.

Turns out that surfboard that was sold to me is actually a big wave surfboard, not good for a beginner as the guy claimed. I'm listing it for sale and looking for a new one.

Yesterday I had friends over, had pizza, played boardgames, ate cheese, was a great evening :)

Today was the first socially distanced climbing gym trip since coronavirus started. Quite a surreal experience, it was run as a class to fit with the regulations, maximum 20 people on the gym (we had to book in advance), hand sanitize before climbing, it was only 1 to a mat, or 1 to a bench, liquid chalk only, 1.5m distance at all times, every 15min we were instructed to move to a new section of the gym, after 85min the class was over and they disinfected the gym for the next group. We "got together" at the end for this group photo. After that it was takeaway cafe food which we ate socially distanced in the park. Totally weird day.

In the evening we got together again and watched the movie Priscilla, such a feel good movie.

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