By JudyD

Buttercups galore

Happened upon a fieldful of buttercups (collective noun?!) on my walk after this morning's work. They don't half lift one's spirit!
The weather changed dramatically from the start to the end of my 3 hour amble and I was red faced and overheating by the time I got back to the car!
On the sand quarry there were lots of goings on, this flotilla of Canada geese and goslings being one of them. Also as I stood just watching there were swifts swooping up from feeding just above the water's surface and were no more than 3 ft above my head - magical.
A couple of birds seen and some birdsong heard that I wasn't able to identify.
Supper cooking and early to bed as my care calls start earlier than normal tomorrow - some of my clients have cleaners who haven't yet started back so I'm doing some extra bits for them.
Enjoy your BH everyone.

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