By ninniex

MM 331..........favourite place....

.....which of course had to be the ocean. Whether it's the ocean here in Perth or the ocean down at "the other house" it's definitely my go to place.

So, today we were still experiencing gale force winds, huge seas and heaps of damage to properties, infrastructure and crops. 

I could hardly open the car door into the wind and really had to lean into the wind to remain standing - awesome fun ;-))
As you can see there is no beach left looking towards Fremantle. None at Cottesloe either. 

Oh, and referring to yesterday's blip with the silly swimmers......on our way home today there were news reports of a missing swimmer just up the coast! Luckily he was found, swimming with a wetsuit and fins and oblivious to the search. Needless to say he was given a right royal bollocking from the surf lifesavers!! Idiot!

I'm adding a couple more pics in extras. The Cottesloe groyne getting a pounding and some surfers........good stuff

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