The Summer Migration of the Tabbycat

It is fascinating to observe the migration patterns of the Greater North American Tabbycat. Dexter spent much of the winter time napping in assorted boxes and chairs around the house. But when summer approaches, he moves to a box by the deck doors.

"That can't POSSIBLY be comfortable! That box is way too small!" my husband announced, sounding much like my mother did when she commented on the tight-fitting blue jeans I wore in the 80s. (Oh yes, don't underestimate me: for I had a misspent youth, too!)

But Dexter loves the box just the way it is. And he folds himself up to fit in it, resembling a chambered nautilus (or so several of my friends have said). And there, quite happily, he snoozes the days away!!!

Here's a song to go with this photo: John Mellencamp, Just Another Day.

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