Mono Monday - After The Storm

We survived the brunt of the storm, the roof stayed in place and we didnt lose power!  All in all we were very lucky to come through virtually unscathed.  Its ten o’clock Monday night now and its still raining on and off but I think its almost over!

Spent a restless night as the wind was blowing a gale and things were going bang in the night and I was worried about the roof,  it was all a bit scary!!  Woke this morning to two different alarms going off in buildings across the road probably just triggered by the wind and it was still raining!!

Those lovely autumn leaves which were on the Plane trees are now all down and spread over a wide area and this little pile looked rather nice as a mono! :o). We walked briefly this morning in between showers and came across many branches down along the path and one complete tree down in the shopping centre carpark (in extras).

I’m fading fast and need to go to bed, will try and catch up tomorrow night! ;;o)xxx

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