By movableparts

Angelitas de Caridad

Public Art #25
Commissioned by the South Martineztown community and created by Albuquerque artist Linda DaBeau, the sculpture is a limestone winged angel standing at 25 feet tall and 16 feet wide with a bronze wrap around fountain base feature. The base depicts 42 figures and 22 buildings as a narrative to the Sisters story.. Though it is situated in Martineztown Park and below the hill of Lovelace, the site itself is nestled away along the curving road of High St. enclosed by trees and flowers making it an almost hidden location within the park itself. Adobe homes beautifully line the north and west blocks maintaining its historic charm.
The abstract yet angelic white limestone wings stand out among the brown and green hues of the scenery. Along the surrounding walls are plaques that communicate words like Hope, Temperance, and Faith. However, it is the last plaque that embodies the Sister’s role within the community, “In Unity There is Strength.” This message defines the motto of not only the Sisters of Charity but signifies the strength and unity they brought to the commumnity of Martineztown which continues to thrive.


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