Out and About

By Puffin

Round the Block

After a very dull day, the sun came out. I wandered round the block , saw this old shed being decorated by this blue flower and thought it would be good to find out what it is, because it's everywhere.  If I enter it for Wildflower Week someone will tell me what it is. Thanks Miranda1008
It takes over your flower beds if you are not careful. Plants I thought were foxgloves turn out to be this. 

During the day I sorted out photos trying to find out how far back I go digitally. I got my first digital camera in 2004. 2003 is on the CDs you got when you got a film printed.  Conclusion - I have kept a lot of rubbish. Blip, which I joined in late 2013  has made me much fussier about what I keep, which is good, but because I'm taking photos every day I still end up with an awful lot of pictures, but better ones. 

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