Love Bugs

Rose Chafers - I think!

Full and busy day today, so I've little to offer other than these two iridescent love bugs. They were very difficult to photograph as they were high up in the tree and the view was greatly hampered by the foliage. They were very striking though, so deserve a place in my journal.

Tesco delivery at 10 this morning and all the sanitising and stowing away that entails, breaking off for a while for a Zoom coffee with my Monday friends. 

The afternoon was a real joy because I got to see my grandchildren and their mummies and daddies (not all at the same time) - the first time I've seen my eldest son and his family since lockdown. All socially distanced, of course, but it was so wonderful to see them - and very hard to wave them goodbye without a hug. Like so many of you, my arms ache to hug my family...

This evening was lovely, too - a salade niçoise enjoyed on the balcony with Mum - I'm loving this warm weather! (Glad we stayed at home today - the beach at Bournemouth looks horribly crowded on this bank holiday Monday!)

My entry for Mono Monday over in my b&w journal

And a food blip in 'My Third' journal

Thank you so much for all the great comments, stars and hearts for yesterday's damselfly!

Ann :))

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