By Ridgeback13


Started the day well by getting up and out early. Stunning weather, and I decided to explore the canal path so picked up a bike and headed over. Like on Saturday where I found the Hermitage of Braid path, I loved the canal path (now I know what you meant about your walking commutes Winsford!) and especially the ducklings and cygnets pootling around the water with their proud parents. Can’t believe I’ve not been along here before!
Not many people out and about....I may try and go further another day, but got to the first aqueduct (extra) and turned round, picked up some Portuguese custard tarts for breakfast, and was at my desk by 8am feeling sprightly.
Quiet morning on reading, prep and writing, then some REF meetings in the afternoon...all fairly good humoured.
Drawn to but repelled by the Cummings fiasco.... could only watch 5 minutes if it but found myself shouting at the screen so switched off and made some more jam.
FaceTimed with each of the kids....despite it having clouded over here (thank goodness I went out early) they were all outdoors enjoying a gorgeous day, respectively playing with a bubble machine, cooking a BBQ and doing a big gardening project.
Supper then knitting group on zoom before watching Little Fires Everywhere.....looks like it could be interesting.

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