Tiny Tuesday ....Ivy leafed toadflax

An eventful day for me today, starting with waking early and pushing myself to get up and go for a walk around the park at 6.30..it was lovely, I am glad I did it.
Back home for an desperate cup of tea or three, and a msg from a friend I haven't seen for months to say there was something outside the front door, belated birthday/Christmas presents.  Such a surprise, and so thoughtful...include home made jam and pickle ....yum
Then a quick chat to 'laundrette' neighbour on his way out to the supermarket, shortly followed by my friend/manager from the charity shop passing by, so had a distance' chat to her across the front gate.
Finally G took a break from working at home and popped over for an hour this afternoon for a catch up on our news....lovely to see her, but difficult to have a conversation at the front of the house, not only the awful traffic, but a lorry with a 'grabber' pulled up to collect the clearance rubbish from next door.....so much noise.
Have been unable to go into the back garden again as more clearance work today, including the shrubs at the bottom of the garden now bare, and a possible site for 'loud' neighbour's patio and summerhouse.....next to mine, or very close.......See extras....
Oh dear!..........
I love the toadflax ivy which I have managed to grow in a pot, found it incredibly difficult to photograph though, thanks to wrperry for hosting :)

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