6 months & 2 weeks

Discharged after a long stay. Covid19 stopped visits and this is the photo she wanted of her newly decorated room, that has no resemblance to the room she left on 6th November 2019.

We have had many a situation happen.in the hospital that needed resilience and strength on our part.

Now recovery and PTSD therapy, and slow reintegration into the world again, a good time while we are all around and the world is slower. Not sure how long or what work will look.like moving forward as the perpetrator is there! Day at a time.

I have felt every second of these days and have to.manage my own thoughts and concerns inside. She has been through so much, now step by step we connect as a family of 4 again.

You will see my entry 6th November when she was admitted.

A hot sunny day today.. let the re connecting and adapting begin.

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