I was working from home today. Good thing too as I started at 7am and finished at 6pm - and was pretty much constantly focused, getting up only to make three cups of tea and bring through my lunch (ready to go in the fridge). So my only chance to take pictures was to after work. The purple geraniums have just started to bloom, this is the first one out, and I do love the patterns of the veins along the petals. 

But I am keeping a bit of focus elsewhere. I started to learn German when the lockdown started. Why? My son wants to go to University abroad, and wants to live in Germany. We have now established he can't do the undergraduate course he wants in Germany, but Rotterdam looks like the option. I could try to learn Dutch, but figured the German might be more useful long term. After starting with Drops, I've added in Duolingo. Still in the early stages but it should be worth it in the end. At least now I could go into a shop and ask for a charger!

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