Shiraz again

I hadn’t realised that thus is the only photo taken, hope you’re not bored by her!
I’m feeling upset and angry. The house through the wall from me is a student let, it’s been empty since the ownership changed (the new owners don’t bother about it, filthy dusty windows, the tiny garden is a mess of weeds) now suddenly we heard noises next door & two strange bikes appeared. I phoned the police to say someone’s breaking the lockdown, on the 101 line, they said, “phone the landlord”, which I did, the voice at the other end said, “Oh, it’s just some friends up from Edinburgh for a few days”. Not bothered at all. I rather read the riot act telling him to make sure everything is cleaned properly (we have a communal path & stair up to the pavement with handrails), thought about it, and phoned the police again to say I’m not happy.
Different man said he’d make the local police aware. I’m raging. We should be packing for Lochgoilhead also Scotland’s Gardens at Ingliston not going because of lockdown.

Update, with apologies to Police, they (police) came round last night at 10.30 pm, that’s the couple just gone now. I heard them going so I went round to tell them they shouldn’t be there, & got a lot of abuse from the man, including telling me to get out of my own garden, & that I’m a coward for phoning the police. A disgusting exhibition & he’s a rubbish actor too! I do wish I’d known the cops had attended, I’d have slept better last night. At least they did, well done Police Scotland.
Tad’s worried about bad relations with landlady now, I said we’ve not had good relations anyway, as since they bought the house it’s been neglected, the outside is dirty, the garden’s a dump. Just what we do not need! Aaargh!

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