By biddy

The rose earlier this morning.

I've forgotten it's name, but it was a gift for me from a friend. 
As the day becomes hotter the petals suffer in the heat. 
It's the lack of  moisture in the soil.
The soil here is so free draining that it needs loads of compost in spring and early summer. 
I am watering the garden each evening but there is nothing like a  good downpour occasionally to refresh everything.
I know that there are Blippers like amandoAlentejo who long for water  where they live in Portugal.
It is a precious commodity. 
So lovely then just now to have summer weather, and the month of April was glorious, but the driest on record.
Our lawn (well not a pristine one!) is beginning to look very brown. 
I only water the beds and borders.  
I am now wearing my shorts each day  So far only out here, not outside in the neighbourhood! 
Bees, of various types are buzzing in the Berberis on the garage wall. They love the small  white flowers now they are fully opened.
There are huge bumble bees with orange tails, yellow tails and buff tails, belted bumble bees, and wild bees. 
I never knew there were so many varieties of Bumble bees! 
Time for lunch. 
The news is still all full with the fallout from Dominic Cummings. 
Bojo brazening it out.   

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