By Knottman2

Botanical Blip

This is Common Butterwort. Pinguicula vulgaris

It is as I found it. I have not done any photographic gardening. Removing gravel, sand and twigs could damage its delicate surfaces. It suffered from those high winds a few days ago when all that loose material was blown from all around it.

This is an insectivorous plant which catches and ingests small insects, rather like a Sundew. All its surfaces are sticky. Larger insects landing on the leaves usually have the strength to escape so it mainly lives on tiny ones such as Springtails and Aphids.
It is very clever in that it covers its prey with an antibacterial substance which prevents them from rotting before it has time to absorb them.

It is commoner in the north and west of the country and found less often in the south and east.
It prefers damp areas.

Out in the National Nature Reserve at 07.15 this morning and was surprised to see four other people.

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