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By ajt

Windy diasies

A modest day at work. We need the client to tell us what they want, otherwise we have to make it up.

I've decided to get a new keyboard. At the moment I mostly use IBM 105-key ISO/UK layout keyboards based on rubber dome technology. They are okay, better than some of the keyboards I've had before, but not the classic IBM Model M bucking spring keyboards, or as good as modern Cherry MX keyboards. I've decided get more desk space to go for a "Ten Keys Less" or TKL keyboard, which is actually missing the numeric keypad so that's actually 17 keys less but it doesn't sound as good... At the moment the 88-key ISO/UK keyboard I want isn't in stock but it will be early next month, so I can see some money changing hands...!

Today's blip is our bunch of wildflower ox-eye daisies that made the move from England to France on their own. At the time of this picture they were blowing about in the wind rather a lot and were as free as a daisy could be.

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