David J. Rose

By djrose007

08:30 drop off for MOT/Service

MOT time for the i20. I always use this garage, 123 Car & Commercial. Originally owned by a retired Flight Sergeant RAF Mechanical Transport who was a friend of my father in law. He still 'works' there but he sold it as he was getting older, just fed up with all of the regulations and paperwork I expect.
Really good garage and it's only 30 minutes brisk walk to get back home. In this case Jonty and I stopped off on the way back to water the graves as it is on the way home, I had taken a watering can with me.
This morning it was lovely, sunny and cool. When I went back in the afternoon to pick it up I didn't take Jonty as it was much hotter and I know he wouldn't have liked the walk in that heat, especially with all that fur on him from being Locked Down! He's getting trimmed tomorrow morning.

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