By Colgaize82

Let Sleeping...Children Lie...

Whoever invented the phrase “sleeping like a baby” clearly never had a baby!

I can honestly say that neither of my two have ever filled me with a sense of pride & accomplishment where bedtime & sleep is concerned.

Yes, I have tried it all-every single trick in the book has been adopted, tested & yet to no avail...

Over the past 4 nights, my youngest has been arriving into my bed at about 3am. She doesn’t tend to try to wake me but she sprawls out, starfish style; sticking her bony little limbs into my back & occupying much more space than you’d think it possible for a 5 year old to do so!

I’ve asked her what’s been causing her to wake up & she tells me she thought a “monster was coming”. Bless her!

I think it’s probably got a lot to do with the full menagerie of sort toys that she insists on keeping in her bed but my suggestions that we might reduce these numbers are very unwelcome.

Anyway, this morning, I woke before her & managed to sneak this picture for her grandmother- she looks so simple & beautiful. It was necessary to remind myself of what an absolute little darling she is.

Shortly afterwards, she woke up to issue the orders & directives for the day to myself & her big sister (otherwise known as her ‘staff’!)

Keep healthy, keep resting.

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