Bedouin Kiss

What you see here is a 'Bedouin kiss'; a greeting consisting of a firm handshake followed by a touching of noses accompanied by a 'kiss' sound.

Bedouins are Omani desert dwellers who care little for modern living. The students I teach aren't Bedouins, but seem to love greeting each other this way. They try to get me involved sometimes but I am excellent at refusing ("It's against my religion" works perfectly). The one and only time I had to perform a Bedouin kiss was when the Assistant Dean of the college came back from his holiday and was worryingly pleased to see me.

I gave the Tour Guide students a test today which posed a problem when I noticed the excellent blip opportunity presented by the sun shining through the classroom window about ten minutes after it started.

"Do I interrupt the test to take a photo, or risk losing the blip?" I thought to myself. The very fact that crossed my mind is slightly worrying but I did manage to hold off until the end. After I collected the papers Yassir and Fahad seemed to sense what I was thinking and without me asking, went straight to the window to pose.

I think they're on to me!

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