Abstract Thursday

Early start this morning. Needed to pop down town to one of the garden centres to pick up one or two bits and bobs before the queues got too long. 08.50 and there were ten people in front of me, shop opened at 09.00.so in side in no time. got most on my list except some acid feed, and a couple of plants that Sue had asked if I could get her. The feed I forgot, and the plants they didn't have. Dropped into B&Q just in case they had, but no luck there. 

Went up to Sue for a coffee out in her garden, which was lovely, before heading home. After lunch did some deadheading in the garden, put some feed out for the birds underneath  the hedge, which deters the bigger birds like gulls!! Sent out a reminder to the Girls, for our Gin & Chat at 6pm :-)

Hope your day is going well, and hope to catch up with you all later :-)

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