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By HarlingDarling

Tulips, daffodils and hard digging

Robbie is moving north to be a soldier, and moving into his first flat. He drove out here today, & now has some of our stuff to furnish it with, and we have a beautifully mowed lawn in exchange - plus we had the pleasure of his company! Otherwise the day was all about digging, In Keith's case to make a third raised bed as seen in the main photo, in my case to reclaim the flower bed by the red house which you can see in the extra. I don't expect anyone else to be interested in (basically) a pile of soil, but I am!

This was the original flower bed when we moved in, there were no others. It is twice the original size, so you can see that it was a token flower bed really. Anyhow, it was clogged with grass and some invasive plant that produces beautiful purple flowers, but not enough of them to warrant having the whole earth covered with the green leaves. It's almost all gone now, apart from a little bit around the original peony, which was a present from a friend when we first lived here.

When I say "gone" what I mean is it has all been painstakingly removed by hand, by me, over the course of many hours and - so far, two days. A barrow-load of the stuff was dumped. Another day will be needed, then I can plant some seeds directly as this is a really warm and sunny spot. There is also a rose here, a birthday present from good friends when I turned 60. It lives! It has flowers! There is a birch tree at the end of the patio, it put itself there and we tolerated it since it has sweet green leaves. It also has a massive network of roots all over the place! So it will have to go. It was silly to leave it... but we had a flash of romanticism or something...

I did two loads of washing, changed to the summer quilts, the heating is turned off, the windows get thrown open and the door is left open wide all day. It is suddenly warm and lovely, as long as you don't mind showers and as long as you don't actually sit still. The washing smells so fresh and inviting after drying outdoors. I love sleeping in new bedding, it's one of those little luxuries that enhance our lives, getting into a bed that hasn't been slept in. I mangle the bedding in the cold mangle that is from 1963, the fibres get flattened and they feel so delicious against your skin.

My skin is tired now, at least my body is! I am eating the same restricted amount of food and have hit a plateau, but it is now second nature so on i go. I do notice that my digging energy is a little reduced, but otherwise no big differences to when I eat "normal amounts". What a marvel the body is. Adapting and managing, and getting itself better when it gets sick, mostly. And digging all afternoon till 7.30 with no complaints!

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